Board & Train

is where your dog stays at our facility anywhere from 2-6 weeks long, depending on the level of obedience you wish to achieve. Your dog will be staying in a temperature controlled kennel and brought into the home several times throughout the stay. Dogs will be out 3-5 times a day on the large property. The dog will be brought to different environments outside of my location for proofing obedience many times. At the end of your program, you will spend an hour at my facility to learn how to control and maintain the obedience.

2 Week

The 2 Week program is for owners wanting their dogs to be controlled on a leash in any environment and basic behaviour modification. Obedience includes no pull, heel, down, sit, stay, informal/formal recalls, and threshold control. Unwanted behaviours such as minor reactivity, jumping, nipping, and barking will be corrected.

Total Cost: $1800.00 + Training Collar ($40.00) + HST

3 Week

The 3 Week program is where your dog will be introduced to the e-collar. The introduction to the e collar allows your dog to have more freedom off the lead with off leash recalls and the ability to reinforce behaviours and obedience around most distractions. Basic behaviour modification will also be completed in their 3 week stay.

Total Cost: $2400.00 + E Collar ($265.99) + HST

4 Week

The 4 Week program your dog will be conditioned to the e collar allowing them to have off leash obedience for all commands. Dogs will be reliable with on leash obedience, off leash recalls, and threshold control in addition to introducing off leash obedience. Moderate level unwanted behaviours such as growling, lunging, fearfulness, and reactivity will also be removed and owners will be taught how to manage this.

Total Cost: $3000.00 + E Collar ($265.99) + HST


The 5 Week program is where your dog is now completely off leash. This allows for fully reliable results of obedience and trust with your dog in very high traffic environments. The dog will be able to perform commands with hand signals and verbal cues both on and off the leash. More severe behaviours including extreme reactivity, human/dog reaction and resource guarding will be suppressed and controlled.

Total Cost: $3600.00 + E Collar ($265.99) + HST


The 6 Week program is the top package Spartan Canine offers. This is for owners wanting top level obedience with the highest results. Your dog will be exposed to many high level distractions with scenarios customized to owners liking. Advanced behaviour modification will also be completed and your dog will be proofed to ensure reliability.

Total Cost: $4000.00 + pinch collar ($40.00) + E Collar ($265.99) + HST

Puppy Foundation

Also offered is a Puppy Board & Train 3 Week program. This will get your puppy socialized, fundamentals in obedience, house/crate manners, introduced to structure, and basic puppy behaviours will be managed.

Total Cost: $2000.00 + HST

* Owners must provide enough kibble for their stay, treats, favourite toys, and everyday flat collar*

* $300 Deposit is required when booking Board & Training Programs, to secure a spot.

*Due to high demand, there is a waiting list.