Available Training Packages



Puppy Foundation- Available for puppies aged 8-20 weeks

This package is the perfect way to start your new pup on the right track. We will cover the foundations and essentials of raising your puppy. 3 x 1 hour sessions that include discussing proper socialization, house manners, crate training, potty training, discipline, management and the foundation of obedience to set your dog up for success in the future

Cost: $480.00 + HST

Level 1: Basic On Leash Obedience

This package is where we will introduce a training collar, covering basic and functional obedience on leash around everyday distractions. 3 x 1 hour private sessions, where the sit, down, stay, on leash are taught. We will also cover loose leash walking, heeling, recalls, place and “leave it” command. Owners will also be shown how to manage unwanted behaviours, including reactivity, jumping, lunging and digging. This package is perfect for dogs in the suburban environment with many distractions around the neighbourhood.

Total Cost: $610.00 + Training Collar ($40.00) + HST

Level 2: Intermediate On Leash

The Level 2 package covers all of the on leash obedience included in the Level 1 package and introduction to the e-collar. 4 x 1 hour sessions which will include the advancement of off leash recalls making your dog reliable off the lead around moderate distractions. The perfect package for large properties including cottage settings and local parks.

Total Cost: $830.00 + E Collar ($265.99) + Training Collar ($40.00) + HST

Level 3: Advanced Off Leash Obedience

The Level 3 package is where we get your dog to be trusted off of the lead with high levels of control. 6 x 1 hour sessions where your dog is reliable both on and fully off of the leash. Included in this package will be all of the commands of sit, down, heel, come, place and leave it. Behavioural issues will also be managed, including aggression, resource guarding, and severe reactivity. Your dog will be shown multiple different environments and how to be trusted in busy surroundings. This package is for owners who want their dogs to excel in the highest level training.

Cost: $1150.00 + E Collar ($265.99) + Training Collar ($40.00) + HST

Tandem: Two Dog On Leash Package

The tandem package is for those who have two dogs and want full control of their dogs on the leash. 4 x 1 hour sessions where we will show your dogs how to behave together on a leash with commands from the handler to walk together on the leash and synchronized obedience. Owner will be able to correct and manage unwanted behaviours on the dogs including reactivity, lunging, nipping and pulling.

Cost: $1000.00 + Training Collar x 2 ($40.00 EA) + HST

Session by Session

Spartan Canine also offers individual sessions. Each session is 1 hour long, which can be customized to your liking for what you want to focus on with your dog including behaviour modifications (aggression, resource guarding, etc) or basic manners.


Cost: $220.00 + HST + Training Tools